There are some weird signs of diabetes that often go overlooked by people. One unusual sign that people may not relate to diabetes is when their sores don’t heal up easily. Another weird sign that people don’t always associate with diabetes is dry skin. There are a few other symptoms that people don’t normally associate with diabetes too which are why it’s important to know the signs of diabetes.

One of the signs of diabetes is when sores don’t heal up easily and people can often find many excuses for that. For instance, they may think the sore isn’t healing because it keeps getting irritated by clothing or movements. Yet, make no mistake about it: when sores fail to heal normally it can be a sign of diabetes.

Dry skin is another sign of diabetes that is also overlooked by people. Let’s face it: there are so many different causes of dry skin that it can easily be attributed to any number of things. For example, sometimes a person’s water supply can cause dry skin. It can also be caused by bathing soaps and laundry detergents. So, it is easy to find a reasonable explanation for dry skin without associating it with diabetes.

Tingling and numbness in the feet and hands are other weird indications of diabetes that are easily explained away in the human mind by something as simple as sitting the wrong way too long. However, the numbness and tingling can be signs of diabetes.

So, even if you can explain away some of the weirder signs of diabetes, your doctor is sure to ask you and want to know about them if you exhibit other signs of diabetes like excessive thirst and frequent urination. Remember, the doctor will use the totality of your symptoms to determine if you need testing for diabetes or not.


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