Learning to control food portions is a key step in a diabetic’s care plan. Diabetic scales make measuring your food quick and simple. It is just one of the diabetic supplies available to help make managing diabetes easier.

Changing your eating habits and developing a healthy eating plan are all part of coping with diabetes. Scales are diabetic accessories that make keeping up with your food intake a snap. There are two main types of diabetic scales available: mechanical and digital. Most mechanical diabetic scales can weigh up to as much as 22 pounds of food at once. These scales feature both metric and imperial measurements in 2 ounce or 50 gram increments. They usually feature a chrome finish, but can be purchased in other colors, and have a large dial making it easy to read the measurement. Some scales even have removable weighing trays.

Digital diabetic scales are one of the most popular diabetes management and supply items available. Digital scales tend to have an 11 pound or 5000 gram capacity and weigh in .1 ounce increments. Most of these scales feature a large flat weighing surface, but some do have removable trays. Their large bright LCD screens make it easy for those who have trouble with their vision to view the read out. One of the biggest advantages of digital diabetic scales is that it is transported easily, so you can toss it in a bag to take to work or on vacation.

There are many supplies for diabetes available on the market to make living with the disease simpler. Diabetic scales are an essential part of controlling your diet and adhering to your doctor’s orders.

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